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Plugins Updated

We have updated our plugins on the Oxwall store! If you own a license for either Email Lists or Support Center+, be sure to check your Admin panel for the easy updating! Support Center+ This update brings the plugin to version 3.5.2 and includes some fixes with guest views, new options, and more. These changes ….  Read More

Support Center+ released!

I’ve finally revamped and rereleased the old “Support Center” plugin! It’s live on Oxwall here! What’s New? Mobile support! The complete user-side is now available for use on your native Oxwall mobile website! This includes notifications, knowledgebase articles, and submitting tickets/replies. Ticket Manager! You can assign a user role to give them access to “Ticket ….  Read More

“Email Lists” Updated

Our plugin, “Email Lists” (available for purchase + update here) has updated to version 1.1.0. This small update adds the option to choose what data our customer’s wish to export. There are 3 new options to choose from: “Email Only,” “Emails + Names,” and “All Data” (default setting). The options are self explanatory, affecting which ….  Read More

Revamped website – new plans!

Hello, JB Tech here! We’ve revamped our Tumblr website with a new look and more information for Clients and prospects to access! With this, we’ve now established updated, new plans! You can check those out at the Pricing & Plans page! Our services are the perfect, cheapest solution for help in operating, maintaining, administrating, and ….  Read More