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Plugins Updated

We have updated our plugins on the Oxwall store! If you own a license for either Email Lists or Support Center+, be sure to check your Admin panel for the easy updating! Support Center+ This update brings the plugin to version 3.5.2 and includes some fixes with guest views, new options, and more. These changes ….  Read More

Support Center+ – Going (ever) forward

Greetings readers. If you are an Oxwaller/Skadater and have been keeping up with the store as of late, you will find that Support Center+ has been recently updated. This makes it version 3.0, and build 20. I’ve finally got the plugin to a state where I wanted the old FoxTechs one to be, and figured ….  Read More


Welcome to my tumblr website. If you’re looking for a freelancer to help get your business online and going, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can see my portfolio, my contact info, and my pricing and pre-paid packs of the services I offer. Use the menu on the side to navigate. Looking forward ….  Read More