The following policies set forth apply to the work done by JB Tech, and the contracts held with them.

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General Policy

(i) JB Tech (herein Developer) agrees upon payment and signing of Plan, they will provide the services offered on selected Plan as often as possible, and when available. Client (contractor) herein agrees to adhere to any and ALL policies set forth by JB Tech alongside any additional terms in a contract. (i1) Client acknowledges their rights in the contract(s) and/or agreements may be void upon breaking the policies, and/or any contract terms, or at the discretion of JB Tech.

(ii) Developer reserves the right to null and void any contract or agreement at their discretion, or when Developer decides that the Client has gone against a point of a contract terms and/or policy. (ii1) Developer adheres to only null/void contracts of Clients that have not adhered to any of the contractor agreements and/or JB Tech policies, and may do so whenever at their discretion. (ii2) Upon decision of nullifying a contract, Developer will no longer be obligated to perform the offered/requested task(s) as per the contract. (ii3) Clients who have been decided of breaking the policies and/or contract terms and have had the contract(s) nulled will be no longer serviced by Developer or Affiliates in the future.

(iii) All modifications or creations (including but not limited to; mods on software, mods on equipment, plugins, themes, software creation) are the rightful property of Developer, excluding any materials that may have been contributed by Client, unless contributed under the licensing in which such forms of commercial use are accepted without contribution and/or royalty. (iii1) Client agrees that Developer can not be held responsible for any data loss, theft, privacy loss, malfunctions, downtime, property damage, or other damages in general that may have occurred before, after, and/or during a period in which Developer was on contract, AND by any modifications, software, or other additions Developer had made under contract. (iii2) Developer retains the right to resale any original property made (e.g plugins, themes, software, scripts, etc.) under and/or for a contract without the discretion of the Client. Under the pretense that Developer sales such property, Developer adheres to, if possible, provide a license key to the Client under said contract in order to provide future updates to the property. (iii3) The license for any Developer property made while under or FOR a contract of Client may be revoked at any time at the discretion of Developer. (iii4) Client agrees that any original property made under contract with Developer is property of Developer and can be resold, modified, or distributed by Developer without their consent at the Discretion of the Developer, AND that they will not resale, modify, and/or redistribute said property without the consent of Developer. Client agrees that in the event of reselling, modifying, and/or redistributing without the Developer’s consent, that they may and will have their license to the property revoked, will have their contract nulled, and that Developer may acquire legal action in such incidents. (iii5) Client agrees that the likeness of their property may be use as display for Developer’s portfolio. Developer adheres that upon request of a Client (current or past), they will remove any and all references to work with the Client on any applicable online publishing, including Developer’s portfolio page.

(iv) Services offered by Developer, whether pre-paid or hourly, are offered at the most convenience to the Client, whenever possible. By accepting a contract with Developer, Client agrees that Developer cannot guarantee uptimes in areas (including but not limited to;) support, development, administration, and/or other requested areas, and that Developer retains the right to perform work under the contract on their time. (iv1) Developer agrees to promptly provide work under contract at the utmost importance, and to deliver whenever possible. Developer agrees to guarantee they will not neglect work under contract whenever possible. (iv2) Client agrees that, by accepting any contract with Developer, to regularly keep in touch with Developer, and contribute any required feedback, media, sources, and/or information to aid in the Developer’s delivery of task(s) under contract. Client agrees that failure to do so may and will result in the nullification of the contract.

(v) Client and Developer, by signing the contract, agree to adhere to these terms, any additional terms included on the contract, and any other applicable policies by Developer. Client agrees these and any other terms of Developer may be altered by Developer at any time, with or without notifying Client.

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Payment Policy

(i) JB Tech (herein Developer) adheres by the Developer’s Payment Policy to set the terms and guidelines of payments made by Client (contractor) to Developer. (i1) By signing the contract, Client agrees to adhere to this policy and any other contract terms and/or applicable Developer policies. Client agrees that upon breaking any of the agreements in the policy, that Developer may and will nullify their contract at their discretion.

(ii) Developer only accepts payments via digital payment gateway PayPal. Client and Developer adhere to this policy, and any applicable policies of PayPal that govern use of service over which locale Developer and Client are in at time of contract agreement. (ii1) Client agrees to use a account to send funds when invoiced by Developer. (ii2) Client agrees that, upon failure to send funds via, Developer may and will nullify the contract and bar Client from working with Developer in any future instances. Client agrees in certain cases, at Developer’s discretion, that if payment is not made via the PayPal service within an allotted time, that Developer may acquire legal action. (ii3) Client agrees to promptly pay via the PayPal service on time when Developer posts an invoice(s). Client acknowledges that Developer offers a 5 (FIVE) day window from the posted invoice(s) date before taking further action, which may and will include the actions mentioned in Sec. ii Sub 2.

(iii) Deposits may be required by Developer on certain projects. Deposit amounts are calculated by Developer depending on the contract request(s), and are prompted to be payed by Client (in the instance Deposits are required) before validating the contract and starting any task(s). Deposits are treated as a withheld, up-front payment to Developer. (iii1) Client agrees to pay on time via PayPal, in accordance to Sec. ii, and to pay any and all deposit(s) required by Developer on the day of the invoice(s) posted. Client acknowledges that failure to pay any and all deposit(s) to Developer will result in the contract not being validated, and Developer will have no obligation to perform any task(s) whatsoever in the invalid contract. (iii2) Developer adheres to refund any and all deposit(s) via PayPal to the ORIGINAL account that sent the funds on the likes that Client decides within 1 (ONE) week of the contract start date (same day as deposit(s) received) to cancel their contract. If Client fails to cancel contract within 1 (ONE) week, starting from contract’s validation date (day deposit is paid to Developer), they agree that any and all Deposits will be withheld by Developer and not refunded. (iii3) Client agrees that upon the completion of contract that any and all deposits made in validation of the contract will be withheld by Developer and not refunded.

(iv) Client agrees that any funds sent to Developer under contract AND for contract, including Deposits and/or Weekly Charges (hourly) and/or Pre-payments are NON-REFUNDABLE (with the exception of Deposits in Sec. iii Sub 2). Client agrees Developer retains the right to hold any and all payments made to them under contract (or in validation in contract (i.e Deposits, Pre-payments)) without refunding. (iv1) Client agrees that at any time they terminate the contract on their own means, that any and all funds up to the point under contract (or made before (i.e Deposits, Pre-payments)) will not be refunded to them.

(v) Pre-payments are maid for the Plans provided by Developer, and are made before contract work to validate contract. Client agrees that Developer retains no obligation to perform task(s) as stated by the contract for pre-paid plans until the payment as been paid IN FULL to Developer via (v1) Client agrees that plan’s pre-payments are NON-NEGOTIABLE, and that they agree to pay them in full to validate their contract. (v2) Client agrees that, upon completion of contract, that Developer will no longer be obligated to work and/or perform any additional request(s) made by Client.

(vi) In the instance of special projects and/or requests, Client can sign and agree to an Hourly contract with Developer. Client agrees to pay the $ 35.00 USD/hour (Original Rate) rate for each hour charged on the contract, and that the Original Rate is not guaranteed and can be changed, at the discretion of Developer, depending on the project. (vi1) Client agrees to pay any and all totaled hours charged by the end of Saturday each week via PayPal, or, if the contract task(s) are finished and confirmed by Client in less than 1 (ONE) week, that they will pay any and all totaled hours charged on the date of completion. (vi2) Client agrees, in the case of projects spanning over 1 (ONE) week, to pay IN FULL any and all totaled hours charged by the end of Saturday of that current week, and agrees that failure to pay for a week within the time frame set forth in Sec. ii Sub. 3 may and will result in the nullification of the contract at Developer’s discretion.

(vii) Developer and Client agree to adhere by this Payment Policy, set forth by Developer, along side any other Developer policies and any additional contract terms (when applicable). Developer retains the right to make changes to this or any other policy and/or agreeable terms at any time, with or without the notification of the Client.

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