Dev diary – Support Center+ updates

Good day Oxwallers and Skadaters! Jake of JB Tech here, and the plugin developer of Support Center+. I’d like to share some progress updates with those of you who rely on Support Center+ to bridge the helpful connection you need with your users.

The upcoming 4.0 update will include some new features, alongside needed bug fixes and improvements. I can’t share the release date of the new update, but I am excited to share some news regarding its development. As you know, our client’s feedback is extremely important to us. That’s why I’m focusing on user-suggested changes/features and then some on this update.

The first feature I was looking at is a Frequently Asked Questions section, which will serve as self-help support in a shorter, easier-to-read manner.

The Admin will be able to decide whether or not this feature will be enabled. It will have a link on the main “Support Center” page, plus you can add a custom menu link on your website’s menu for easy access as well. The Q&A’s you make show up in a simple list, with an accordion-style script to function it.

In the new page in the Admin Settings, you will be able to add new Q&A’s and edit/delete existing ones. Note that you can use light HTML code inside your answers (such as <a> tags, and style tags like <b> or <i>). If you already have Support Center+ or are looking to purchase it, you’ll now get a complete FAQ feature with it! No more separate plugins just for a FAQ!

Next, I took a look at the admin settings page. The original list of settings was getting rather long, and since the new update will add some more settings, I decided to re-style the Admin Settings page into an easier-to use and more organized layout.

This new layout is based off of a simple Javascript-tab setup. This layout will also be the mainline design for all future JB Tech Plugin admin pages. You will now be able to easily access all of the settings based off of where they belong. The submit button shows outside of the table, so you can make changes in multiple areas, then click once to save them all.

That’s all for currently worked on updates. You may have noticed the “Auto Purge” settings. This is another user-requested feature I’m working on to keep your ticket tables neat and up-to-date. Other features you will be able to expect in the 4.0 update include: Site-wide announcements, widgets, bug fixes, and other minor adjustments. Be sure to purchase Support Center+ right now while it’s on sale for $35.00USD – until July 1st, if you buy Support Center+, you’ll get our other plugin “Email Lists” for FREE! Be sure to purchase before the update: once 4.0 releases, Support Center+ will go off of sale price and back to its retail $40.00 USD tag.

If you have any questions, contact us here! Leave a comment below with your thoughts, and as always – thanks for choosing JB Tech.


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