We’re hiring

Looking for some easy, extra-cash? Do you have a passion for coding,
supporting those new to the online business world, and want to work from
home at your own chosen times and earn whenever you wish to? JB TECH is
the choice for you.

We are a small, international team of techies with different
backgrounds and experiences. We offer multiple services to clients from
all around the world: pre-paid Support Plans, custom development
(hourly), plugin/software writing – we do a bit of everything related to
the web and code. If this all sounds like something you’re interested
in, please check our open positions below.

Open Positions

Type: General Developer

Location: Online

A general developer is our all-around position. General developers can publish plugins/software under the JB TECH name, volunteer for assignments for Support Plan contracts or custom development contracts. This position can do a bit of everything. The main focus is programming development – PHP, web programs, Javascript, and a bit of style and flair.


  • At least 2.5-3+ years experience with programming websites/apps (PHP, Python, Javascript, AJAX, JSON, Node.js, etc.)
  • A strong knowledge of CMS softwares such as WordPress and Oxwall
  • Knowledgeable of Object-oriented programming and MVC pattern programming
  • At least 1+ years of customer service experience
  • Excels in the English language (required)
Possible income forecast: $500/month up to $10,000 a year (does not guarantee this rate)

Type: Support Plan Service

Location: Online

This position is specifically for those who are looking to take on longer contracts for our Support Plans (for Oxwall/Skadate clients). You can volunteer to be assigned to new clients of these plans, in which you will work with them every step of the day for the duration of their plan. This position requires multiple skills as each plan offers different services, from support all the way to custom development.


  • At least 2.5+ years programming experience (PHP, Python, Javascript, AJAX, JSON, Node.js, etc.)
  • HTML5/CSS and Bootstrap experience (at least 2+ years)
  • Strong knowledge of the Oxwall software; how it works, the MVC pattern, etc. (required)
  • Strong customer service skills
  • A work-based or new Skype account and non-personal email address will be required (JB TECH currently provides no email accounts)

Note: this position only allows the employee to be assigned to Oxwall/Skadate support plans.

Possible income forecast: $400/month up to $5,000 (does not guarantee this rate)
Employment by JB TECH does not guarantee pay. The jobs listed are considered contracted and are paid per involvement on each project for JB TECH. Employees are to volunteer themselves to different projects and assignments, and must have a valid PayPal account or U.S. or online bank account for payment.
JB TECH is an equal opportunity employment provider.