Introducing Year-long Contract Plans

We strive to offer convenience to our clients, small and large. We do so through our prepaid Support Plans for Oxwall and Skadate websites. These popular plans have helped out tons of clients with all kinds of project needs and requests. Today, we’re introducing a new type of plan for those looking to break into the enterprise (or those whom of which already are);

The JB Tech Supreme Year Plan.

This is a comprehensive, 1 (ONE) year contract that is perfect for those needing a long-term, established developer and support staff to assist their product. With this plan, you contract us for a year as a on-board developer. This means YOU get UNLIMITED development hours (we will work with you on whatever projects revolving around your website you wish to achieve note: JB Tech does not guarantee successful completion of all projects under this plan.)

Plus, you will have us as your go-to and fully on-board general and technical support agent, assisting you and your website in times of server outages, spam/security issues, troubleshooting, etc. Clients of this plan also receive all of our plugins FREE, and if we make any new plugins in the time of the contract’s active length, you get 50% off of them! In short, this is a year-long Support ULTRA plan, but with unlimited development time and more discounts and services!

The starting cost for a prepaid JB Tech Supreme Year plan is $8,000.00. (USD). We will also be providing Payment Plans for those who wish to utilize this service (see “payment plans” further down).

Who is this for?

We offer our Support Plans for all clients of all budgets. The Supreme Year plan is for those medium to large sized businesses operating an Oxwall/Skadate install and wants to minimize employment cost while optimizing development, technical support, and server uptime. Those looking to receive freelance developer services for a long period of time, and only wish to handle one payment and one contract. If this sounds like you, and you’re interested in our services, contact us!


Q: How does this plan work?
A: Upon signing of the contract and verified payment, the plan will begin it’s year-length. For the next 365 days from that point, JB Tech will be your contracted team to provide you with development solutions, moderating your services, fixing issues on your server or website, and more.

Q: Does this guarantee unlimited, completed development of anything I might want made?
A: This plan guarantees unlimited development hours. A development hour is an hour of time spent working on customization (which can range from things such as a plugin, theme design, mod, hack, etc.). Development hours do not guarantee the successful delivery or completion of a request, but we obligate ourselves to see every project through to the end. Our development hours start at $35.00USD/hr; this plan can potentially save clients upwards of $10,000 in costs of custom development!

Q: I don’t use an Oxwall/Skadate website, but have a different type of online business and would like this service. How do I get signed up?
A: We also offer this service to websites of any kind as well! However, because each web-based business will be different, any that aren’t based on Oxwall/Skadate software (or accepted branches thereof) will see an increase of price on the plan. You can contact us for more information.

Q: Is this plan bundled with any Skadate deals/affiliated with Skalfa?
A: We are independent of Skalfa LLC, the Oxwall Foundation, and any other respective parties to the software(S). As such, our service cannot be bundled with a Skadate software package. In the instance we are partnered with them, we will inform our guests here of such a deal.

Payment Plans

We offer a payment plan for this service for your convenience. The base rate of a 1-year plan is $ 8,000.00 USD for 1 year. If you wish to use the payment plan method, you can pay in installaments of $2,000.00 USD per 3 months. In doing so, you must pay the first installment of $2,000.00 USD on the signing of a contract plus a $150.00 non-refundable deposit fee. There is a 7-day period in which a payment must be made after the due date, with a 2-day grace-period for one instance. Failure to pay one of the installments on time (after the use of the grace-period) will result in contract forfeiture and the service will end.


If you pay the entirety of the plan up-front ($ 8,000.00 on contract signing date) you will not owe any additional funds for the remainder of the 1-year period. JB Tech plugins published before the start of your 1-year plan will be granted to you for free. Any plugins/themes we make during your plan’s 1-year length (after the start of the plan) will be available at a discount to you for 50% off its retail price. If you choose not to purchase any of these items at the discounted price during your plan duration, you cannot purchase them at the discounted price after your plan has ended.

Other info:

As per our policies, any work we create under contract (unless amended and agreed to otherwise in the contract) will be property of JB Tech LLC and licensed for your use. This means, any custom plugins/themes/mods that aren’t otherwised agreed to the rights prior of making, will be the property of JB Tech, and in the event of retain the rights to sell, modify, and/or redistribute without the client’s discretion. If your project requires full rights and confidentiality, please request it when contacting us.

The JB Tech Supreme Year plan allows for 30-days prior to the signing of a contract and payment sent to request removal from the plan. If the client chooses to end their plan within the first 30-days of the service, they agree to the following: A) If paid in full (not with the JB Tech Payment Plan), that $ 1,000.00 USD will be refunded to the client’s respective account, and that the remaining balance is held as dues for time, resources, and deposit. OR B) If paid by payment plan, and only has paid the first installment and $150.00 security deposity; $600.00 USD will be refunded to the respective account and the remaining balance will be withheld for dues and deposit. In the case of either of these events, the contract will be ended by the Contractor (JB Tech). The client acknowledges that they reserve the right to cancel the plan at anytime, and if they cancel after 30-days of signing and payment that they will not receive any refunds.

Our company-wide policy applies to this plan.


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