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We have updated our plugins on the Oxwall store! If you own a license for either Email Lists or Support Center+, be sure to check your Admin panel for the easy updating!

Support Center+

This update brings the plugin to version 3.5.2 and includes some fixes with guest views, new options, and more. These changes all reflect in the mobile version as well. The view changelog can be viewed here.

As for what’s next: I really am looking to extend the functionality of Support Center+, and do some more research on implementing support chat to it as well. For now, I’m going to focus on adding a Support Manager widget to staff dashboards, fix mobile notifications, and fix the support manager showing a staff all tickets and not department specific ones.

Email Lists

This is a minor update that updates our License information and changes all the old links on the plugin to point to our new website here. There isn’t much planned on the backburner for Email Lists, but if you have suggestions please be sure to comment or share them with us on the plugin forum!

We have many great things planned for Oxwall (and WordPress soon!) here at JB Tech. Keep updated with us, and we appreciate your continued support!


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