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I’m launching our new service offer, Quick Sites, today on JB Tech! This service is the perfect fit for individuals and organizations alike looking to create their own dynamic online business, website, or any other online platform.

What is ‘Quick Sites’?

Quick Sites is a service aimed at getting a client’s brand new website online and made as soon as possible. This is done with a mixture of tools. We utilize open-source and free softwares such as Oxwall or WordPress to help lay down the foundation and groundwork for many of the dyanmic functions, and then we tailor around your wants and needs for your overall website design, functionality, and more. Quick Sites services includes consultation and assistance in learning the management side of these softwares, and recommendations to add-ons and more to further extend the functionality.

Quick Sites also includes some custom programming with it as well (limited to modifications to existing code) and completely custom theme creation as needed.

The Advantage

The advantage with Quick Sites is simple: client’s get a great deal of quality and satisfaction and get their website online as soon as possible. By utilizing already in-place softwares and building upon them, we are able to save money and time for ALL of our clients.

Rates & Pricing

Quick Sites services start at the following:

$ 1,500.00 USD

This is the typical base rate, and is also the usual rate. The rate may increase depending on other project demands and needs that extend the website itself. The Quick Sites package also includes one (1) full month of premium technical and general support and continued moderation and assistant management of your website (beginning after the confirmed completion of the project).

Quick Sites projects end when the client has confirmed the website has come to a satisfying progress point, and from that date the free support and management service begins.

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