“Email Lists” Updated

Our plugin, “Email Lists” (available for purchase + update here) has updated to version 1.1.0. This small update adds the option to choose what data our customer’s wish to export. There are 3 new options to choose from:

“Email Only,” “Emails + Names,” and “All Data” (default setting). The options are self explanatory, affecting which data values will be included in the exported file. Simply choose an option, press “Save Settings,” and then export your files!

I added this due to the fact some Email Marketing softwares are picky about the columns of import files. For example, PHPList prefers a single, Email only column to import subscribers. The “Email Only” option will be useful if this is your situation.

I have many more feature ideas planned that I can hopefully integrate into the plugin in the future. If you purchase “Email Lists,” you can get 5% off your first Oxwall/Skadate support plan with JB-Tech! Buy it here!

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